About Whitebikes

White Bikes were introduced in XXL stores in 2010, in response to demand from our customers. Our customers wanted bike models with a higher performance in terms of mechanical parts, and a customised selection of models. The entire White Bikes range is therefore based on the demands made from our customers at any given time.

After several years of tests and development, we have now produced a wide range of models specially designed for quality-conscious customers at all levels of cycling.

White can now offer the following series:

COMP A lot of bike for your money. Aluminium frames and quality components. For tours and leisure use.
LITE Our bestsellers. Total safety and high performance throughout. For keeping fit and racing.
PRO Light aluminium frames with loads of quality equipment for your money. Competition bikes.
KILLER Aluminium or carbon bikes for new bike enthusiasts. Low weight and good specs. For keeping fit and racing.
ULTIMATE Test winner. Ultimate combination of price/quality/performance. For keeping fit and racing.
INTERCEPTOR Dream model in terms of range, with top quality. For keeping fit and racing.
ANE White’s models for women. Small, but important differences, such as saddle and steering components.
VELO CITY Velo City bikes are also developed by White. Primarily city bikes, touring bikes and electric bikes with top quality.

All White bikes are designed in Scandinavia by designers and product developers with advanced expertise and many years of experience from international cycle brands. The aim is clear, to create uncompromising, composite bikes that will get you to your destination be this a location, improved fitness or “equipment heaven”. At the same time, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you have done a good deal.

White makes use of well-known brands for components in order to highlight our principles. When you have components bearing the name of the manufacturer, you know that they have been made in elite class factories. We never make use of suppliers who do not have well-known reference products and a good code of conduct.

This is what we mean by uncompromising, and it is in our opinion the best and only way to make bikes. Bikes we can be proud of.

We would love to hear from you, both praise and criticism.

Kind regards Eystein Thue Stokstad, Product Director. Eystein.s@xxl.no