Presenting RR Aero

We have invested considerable resources over the past two years in their RR Aero project. Throughout the project, we have remained resolutely loyal to our goal of designing bikes that give customers more for their money. The Aero design, stability and stiffness have been key developmental elements, and we have done our utmost to find the correct carbon composition to achieve the qualities we aim for.

After rigorous testing, we are now proud to offer our customers a unique bike designed for high speeds, so you can ride express with the tailwinds from city to city or rapidly climb steep mountain passes with a smile on your face. We had to make sure that our claims about the new design’s speed properties were fully justified, so the very last test was held on the precipitous and serpentine Trollstigen road in Norway, against the speediest challenger we could find.

Watch the official film presenting RR Aero here