Awesome new website

Welcome to our new website, browse through our models and find the perfect new bike for you. And we’re not joking when we say “new bike”, because we now have the most extensive range ever of new, fully kitted out bikes for you. We hope and believe that our new website will inspire and delight, and that you will find all the information you need before buying a new bike.

The new website allows you to view, read, compare and choose the perfect bike for your needs. You may be looking for an hybrid bike so you can ride to work, or a cyclocross bike for winter rides. Or perhaps you quite simply need the most comfortable bike for running errands in the city? Electric bikes are now increasingly popular, so we have also included a range of VeloCity’s ElectriCity bikes by White.

The range of bikes on White’s new website is larger than ever, so we can guarantee you will find the perfect bike for you.